A Family of Chain-Ladder Factor Models for Selected Link Ratios

By Emmanuel Theodore Bardis, Ali Majidi, Daniel M. Murphy

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The models of Mack (1993) and Murphy (1994) are expanded to a continuously indexed family of chain-ladder models by broadening the variance structure of the error term. It is shown that, subject to certain restrictions, an actuary’s selected report-to-report factor can be considered the best linear unbiased estimate for some member of this family. The approach given in Murphy (1994) yields a mean square error estimate of the unpaid claim liability that is consistent with the actuary’s selections.

KEYWORDS: Chain ladder, Mack, Murphy, variance, mean square error, reserve risk, regression

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Bardis, Emmanuel Theodore, Ali Majidi, and Daniel M. Murphy, "A Family of Chain-Ladder Factor Models for Selected Link Ratios," Variance 6:2, 2012, pp. 143-160.

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